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22 January 2009 @ 11:13 am

Welcome to Tsuribaka~!!

(Check our profile page to find out what the word means.)

This community is made for the sole purpose of posting subbed files off the translations of [info]aatash, [info]change417, and [info]hemisofia.

Can you guess the common denominator of the three? *winks*

Tsuribaka grew out of the need for a place to post subbed files, specifically the extras and clips off the Maou DVD box set, which the three are currently working on. For purposes of thwarting just anyone to take the files and upload to streaming, we are going to make this community members-only eventually.

For the first release, however, we will make it public. Feel free to join. In the future we might consider "Moderated Membership", but for now, YOKOSO.

We also would like to take this opportunity to thank[info]sableheart for agreeing to let us use her raw files. (And also offering that help that I might need in the future. *winks*)

And to the sleep-forsaker[info]genuyn  for the awesome layout, and catering to our every whim from the colors to the fishes. Now, go sleep.

Enjoy, everyone~!!!