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Go Fish!

Arashi Fangirls Go Fishing~!
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♥ Love for a Tsuribaka ♥ Go Fish!!
tsuribaka ♦ arashi ♣ comm ♥ fangirls ♠ credits ♠
Japanese term.

[noun] Fish-aholic or fishing fool - a person passionate about fishing that he talks about it in any interview and dreams of going fishing constantly.

[person] Ohno Satoshi, Leader of Arashi.

[Not to be confused with] Long-running popular manga/movie series, Tsuribaka Nisshi. Although it probably won't be long now before Ohno appears in a Tsuribaka Nisshi movie.
Define rainbows - Nippon-style.

It involves feathers, flowers, sparkles and tons and tons of adorkability. Pure, utter crack. Five people who couldn't be any more different but together? Just perfect.

Aiba Masaki, Matsumoto Jun, Ninomiya Kazunari, Sakurai Sho and Ohno Satoshi.
This comm shall be where the creative juices of the Tsuribaka lovers - three translators and a subber - will be posted, along with collaborations with ANYONE who happens to cross their path and still remains in one piece.
Aki - aatash on Wings on Words
An-chan - change417
Choklad - hemisofia
Jeffer - dvampyrlestat

Rosa - rosevic87 (honorary Tsuribaka member)
tayuri - tayuri
Juu - harunomasu
Nicko - nicko
Angel - angelyrique
Asra - a_ranchu

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